The Codimg performance analysis software has been created for any environment that wants to apply a video analysis review process. If you are involved in simulation training, teacher coaching, emergency services, team development or any other activity that you can record a video of, Codimg gives you a way to easily unlock the information inside that footage!

With affordable costs and lifetime licences, there is a Codimg version to suit your budgets and requirements. This short video will introduce you to Codimg and provide an overview of how the video review software can help you.

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Quick & Efficient

Codimg is easy to learn and quick to use. Your analysis is made efficient thanks to the Codimg features and workflows that have been developed for all observers, based on user feedback and requests from those in the field. You use your own customised templates to register the actions and data you want to explore, review the key moments with a timeline and interactive data tools, then share these insights with your team as presentations with notes and drawings to enhance your feedback. You can trial the software for free and be fully supported throughout the process to see this in action for yourself!

Always Evolving

Codimg has regular update releases to bring users software improvements and new features into all the versions available. An organisation’s requirements adapt to the ever-changing environments they are a part of, so Codimg takes their feedback on board to constantly evolve and remain the most comprehensive tool available in the market. iPad apps like Codimg View are also developed for portable performance analysis. We can help progress your video analysis processes from starter to intermediate then expert with a suitable Codimg version and upgrade options throughout the journey.

Integrated with Vosaic & more

Codimg can import and export packages from the Vosaic software along with timeline-based XML files. We understand you may already have existing and complementary tools, so we can help you integrate and transition easily. The KlipDraw tools are also fully integrated with Codimg, so you can seamlessly enhance the clips in your Presentations with professional drawings and animations to clearly show the message you want to share. Your exported footage can also be shared straight onto the online communication platform, Sharimg.

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