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AP Capture solutions have been developed with performance analysis in mind, to provide professional IP Camera filming for sport using our portable telescopic sports mast or fixed IP Camera installations. One person can use AP Capture to easily create high-quality footage and also live stream directly to YouTube or Facebook.

The AP Capture cameras, tripods and software provide smooth movement patterns with joystick control and are trusted by national governing bodies and professional teams like the English FA, FA Wales, British Curling, Dublin GAA and Liverpool FC, along with schools, colleges and universities. These solutions are not like typical CCTV installations or masts with standard cameras, they use full IP Protocols with our 4K PTZ IP Cameras.

Our AP Live companion app can be used to enhance the live review and feedback processes for your team and coaches. See all your IP Cameras live and enable your team to easily scrub back through the video or watch a constantly delayed feed, something that has a huge impact on performance during training or matches.

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AP Capture Telescopic Sports Mast or Fixed IP Cameras

Portable or Fixed

The telescopic sports mast with 4K IP Camera and AP Capture software enables you to film high-quality footage from an elevated position wherever you go. Film from 6 metres high, with a full outdoor, self-powered and easily transportable solution.

See it in action here.

By installing fixed IP Cameras on dedicated masts or existing structures, you can capture and control them from indoor locations. Multiple cameras can be installed across a site, with AP Capture V2 enabling you to capture and control 2 IP Cameras at the same time on one machine.

AP Capture Multiple IP Camera Control

Smooth Filming

The AP Capture software and IP Camera configurations have been developed to provide smooth and simultaneous camera movement patterns that are essential for filming sport, unlike alternative CCTV systems. A joystick is connected to your laptop, so you can easily pan, tilt and zoom (PTZ) at the same time. Whilst filming, you capture a single MP4 file directly onto your laptop that can have sound sources mixed with it too. The video file can then be used as part of your video analysis process across multiple devices and software.

We also have the AP Joystick software for controlling IP Cameras when capturing into video analysis software like Nacsport and Hudl Sportscode.

AP Scoreboard Tablet App for AP Capture Live Stream

Live Streaming

Whilst filming with AP Capture, you can have the IP Camera footage and your sound streaming live to YouTube or Facebook. With our free AP Scoreboard app, you can also overlay a live score on your stream for everybody to see.

See it in action here.

This plugin enables one person to provide a fantastic and seamless service with no additional workload or devices required, so you can easily share your matches with followers and fans to increase engagement and awareness.

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